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Beatles Melody of Love

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In case you’re not a Beatles fan…Every line in this poem is the title of a Beatles song..that’s why the lines are spaced weird and whatnot.


Across the universe

I call your name

Like dreamers do


I want to tell you



I’m down

I’m a loser

A shot of rhythm and blues


I need you

Love me do


Don’t let me down

Don’t pass me by

You can’t do that


Every little thing

Falling in love again


Some other guy?

I want to be your man

I want to hold your hand



Carry that weight.


A day in the life-

Nowhere man-

The fool on the hill


Tomorrow never knows



Happiness is a warm gun

(From you to me)

And I love her


Here comes the sun

Ask me why?


Baby it’s you

p.s. I love you


Written by arstal2

May 3, 2009 at 5:01 am

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Okay Samsa!

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I looked and looked for the Beatles poem but as I was looking I found an application for a certain club that you took over from Ms. Fontana  (I think you know what I’m talking about) the year you put the impressions club online…and i gave you my only copy because I printed only one too read at our poetry slam….So I fear it is lost forever…however, I did find a nice morbid writing exercise we did  about the lovely missed halls of Lp which you seemed to like well..that’s what you wrote in my notebook….and yes I realize this is one very large run on sentence I did not intend on it being this long and I apologize.


So here we go I like to call this one…??    Highschool.

The dawn swallowed me whole that day.  The sun slowly crept into my window, finding every crack and opening it could seep into.  The sun’s emission forced life into my cold hollow body.  As it breathed into me I accepted it, and got up out of bed, but I wasn’t happy about it.

I got to school the tangled halls were dank and screamed a smell so loud that I almost couldn’t hear it. People walked by me like I was a forgotten zombie and I was.  I walked these halls every day the same way.  An exquisite corpse drinking blood red wine for lunch and slurping up Nacho Grande every other day.  Is this what we call life?

These days are numbered but I don’t care enough to count down. One day ill dip into a life I longed to have, until then I’ll continue to wait for the ever freeing release of that extra terribly sharp E note that so cleverly sounds at 2:55.

Written by arstal2

April 29, 2009 at 3:23 am

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The When/then Method

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When I have time then I’ll:

read a book,
 start working out,
 get off my lazy ass

When I can afford to then I’ll:

Pay off debt,
Buy a car,
Go to the doctor,
Try to save some,
Take that trip,

When I’m not so tired then I’ll:

Clean the house,
Do my homework,
Pay these bills,
Do the yard work.

The only time the when/then method works:  When I stop making excuses then I’ll start living in the moment. When I start living in the moment then I’ll start really enjoying my life.  Good intentions, however, wrong.   Only when intentions are turned into actions can you be freed from the When/Then cycle of death.

Written by arstal2

April 21, 2009 at 6:01 am

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It’s a girl thing?

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New shoes are wonderful
I don’t even really like shopping
or getting my hair and nails done
and all that jazz….but new shoes…


It’s like I’ve been abusing my feet
walking to the bus stop
walking around campus
walking to keep kids from killing eachother
walking to exersize
and old shoes are nice
they have character
they have a past
and a story
and like…a soul
My chuck taylors are part of me
I don’t care if that’s cheesey they’ve seen
colorado, utah, chicago, my first kiss
love loss heartache happiness concerts movies

alas…they hurt my damn feet
i love them and all my other old shoes
but putting on new shoes is like…..
slipping my foot into a silk support system
College kids need new shoes…mmhmm

Written by arstal2

February 28, 2009 at 4:57 am

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I spent the entire day with my dad who just wrote a book of poems…as some of you may or may not know…and so I thought today I’d share one of his poems in honor of….vacation at weird times in February allowing him to spend time with me day!! 

So anyway this poem is taken from A Grey Mask, By Mark Stalter (it’s actually how he titled the book! Pretty Neat) it’s a short one but it’s one of my favorites.


The blue sky wears
a grey mask as
crying clouds weep
tears of great relief.

A whole village broods
in and overcast way.
Nature and man
depicting goom.

Men who can’t cry,
need rainy days.
They mask their grief
behind the grey.

Written by arstal2

February 27, 2009 at 5:34 am

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Children say the darndest things..
they really do though
Miss Amy Miss Amy
It’s my turn It’s my turn
Throw me
Pick me up
Turn me around
Laughter, giggles, smiles all around
The closet hit me in the head
Crying screaming
Cookies and laughter
Cookies can fix anything, dontcha know
Oh and sometimes they mix up words meaning
Open your butt!!!
Excuse me?
NO, no open it wider
I think you mean “lift up” your butt
Whatever, i just want the blanket
Pick me up!!
Let’s be dogs
Pretend like  you wanna move!
Can  you pretend like you want to get up and be a dog now?
As if to say that I want to pretend to pretend like I want to move
Pick me up!!!! It’s my turn
You’re pretty
Your hair isn’t straight and you have glasses
What happened to your eyes are you okay?
Draw me a princess
Throw me!!!
Miss AMY watch what I’m doing!
Look at me!!
Quit hitting the table please!!
Will i ever be as tall as you?
Are you married?
Everyone whos 20 is married
I’m hungry
We have to find the quiet animals
I want my mommy
Pick me up!

They’re crazy,
But I love them
In a weird annoying little sister way

Written by arstal2

February 26, 2009 at 4:38 am

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Steve Urkel

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High pants
Big glasses
Hunch back
Weird walkin’
Squeel voice
Puppy love
Mumble talking
Bowling shoes
Golf-sock wearing
The Winslows
Insane creations:
Urkel bot
Coffee pots
Boss Sauce
Wacky Tacky
Transformation Chamber
Stephan Erquelle

No wonder you’re so misunderstood..

Written by arstal2

February 24, 2009 at 4:28 am

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