Poetry For Our Time

Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason. -Novalis


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Sorry i didn’t write yesterday, wordpress wouldn’t let me not unsimilar to facebook who wouldn’t let me do anything…I suppose Samsa and I were having mutual hate for technology days.   anyway this ones a little longer so that should make up for it=)?? haha 


The first time you talked to me
You told me I looked like an angel
You were eight then, eight-years-old.

9 years old, still without your father
Confused about the abuse that stains your mother
She’s real busy  no support
2 jobs to pay for 7 people in a 2 bedroom ‘house’
Pick a role model, but not just anyone
A friend, trust worthy someone who loves you
You were so smart
Wide eyed and curious about the world
You wanted to be a myth buster
You wanted to join the army
You wanted to be an engineer
You always said you looked up to me
My resistance to drugs and struggles with family
You told me I was strong and to keep holding on
That I deserved more and you prayed for me
You talked to me of pain and doubt
Worry that a 9 year old should not worry about
You wanted to be an engineer
Wait for me on my days off to come home
So we could go to Starved Rock
Climb up ‘mountains’ and skip a rock
Ride our bikes to John’s place
So you could collect another Classic  case
Play baseball in the rain
Visit our space ship and fly away
Who knew I’d really leave one day
But really I admired you
So caring and honest and respectful too
A sweet young kid ready to take the world on
With no one but his older brother to show him how
He showed you real well…
10 years old and smoking pot
Last time I saw you, you were all drugged out
No longer worried about baseball and SpongeBob
Smoking cigarettes with your 10 year old lungs
Talking about ‘bitches and hos’ like you know what that means
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that you deserve better
I’m sorry I went to college and left you alone
I don’t know you anymore, but  you’ll always be my little ‘brother’


Written by arstal2

February 18, 2009 at 4:34 am

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